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Posted by vicente quantic  at 14:10, November 24 2013.
Hello I am delighted to have written whole numbers one by one, up to a hundred. Using columns and rows, to store the figures. Integers that can be even, odd, decimal, first. Five met faculties, including a major being whole. It is natural to see this series of whole numbers, hexadecimal organization. Namely, that a table of six columns contains all of the listed integers. There is here a perfect alignment of enumerated types (even, odd, first), and that this system is at the crossroads of the whole related multiple temperaments. On the other hand, there are also a decimal similarity between the numbers. Push the decimal to an integer, and you the point zero integer. Zero is a significant decimal, when we know the chronological value of decimals... By dividing 1/6 the same decimal by dividing: 7/6, 13/6, 19/6... Only, the hexanumerique table has 6 columns; 1/6, 2/6, 3/6...
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